"To give new momentum to haute couture, to offer women another way to dress..." - Georges Rech
It was in the early 1960s that George Rech embarked on a bold and intuitive idea: to create luxury ready-to-wear fashion.
For the women at Café de Flore whom he admired, George Rech envisioned collections with unique codes and innovative styles. Balanced and elegant silhouettes that accompany women wherever they go, whatever they do. RECH women who stand out, intrigue, and impress.

In the heart of his Parisian workshop, Mr. Rech creates a new alchemy of style and craftsmanship every season. He transforms denim to make it sophisticated, turns the tuxedo into the ultimate feminine attire, and elevates sportswear while adhering to his guiding principles: breaking away from convention, perpetuating timelessness, and enhancing the woman.
As a representative of French elegance, George Rech embodies tasteful non-conformity. His campaigns leave a lasting impression with their striking aesthetics, his collections resonate with those who dare and innovate, and his identity becomes multifaceted without straying from its original values: the singularity of George Rech emerges as a natural quality that transcends the borders of France.

A boutique was opened in New York in 1978, and George Rech corners began to appear from Japan to Spain, Russia to Korea. In 1986, Air France hostesses started wearing George Rech, and the house took off into a decade of distinction. Mr. Rech passed the torch to Danielle Jagot, who made the 1990s the golden age of George Rech.
In 2005, George Rech celebrated its partnership with Apostrophe. Two houses with shared values and complementary influences. Two houses that together create the wardrobe of a diverse and modern femininity.