Shipping policy

Delivery times are calculated in business days, not including weekends and bank holidays, please find below delivery times by eligible countries.
The orders preparation and delivery delay may be extended during peaks in activity (sales, private sales).

Except during Sale period, see T&C section "3.1. Promotional offers" and "Sale".

Delivery ModeCountryCostDelivery TimesReturn Cost

France, Corse, Monaco, Belgium, Spain


Free for orders above 150€

3 - 4 days 1) For the purchase of a discounted product: At your expense

2) For the purchase of a non-discounted product: Free of charge

3) For a mixed basket: Free


Germany, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Ireland, United kingdom, Switzerland, US


Free for orders above 400€

3 - 4 days At your expense